A major component of this class is the group project you will be working on from now until the end of the semester. Not only is this project a large fraction of your final grade, it also represents an opportunity to explore a topic from class in a more in-depth manner or to try something new and exciting in the realm of AI. The class project will consist of several milestones, including a project proposal (due on 10/12), interim project update (due on 11/12 at 11:59PM), a live demo (to be presented in class the week of 11/26), and a final deliverable including a full report and complete code and data (due 12/12).

For this assignment, your group should assemble a two-page project report that contains the following components:

Component 1: Introduce Your Group

At the top of your proposal document, list the individual members of your group (names and email addresses). Also, your report must contain the title you used for the proposal, which reflects the chosen topic. Reminder: all group members are expected to contribute equally to the project. A group member assessment form will be circulated near the end of the semester to help gauge this expectation.

Component 2: Summarize the Work You Have Accomplished Thus Far

In short, the report should provide a brief summary of all of the work that has been accomplished up until this point. Specifically, I'd like you to highlight interesting discoveries (new tools, exciting results, anything you learned that is proving to be useful) that you made along the way during your development process. Contributions from all group members should be discussed in some capacity. General guidelines:

Submitting Your Project Update Document

Each group needs to submit one copy of their report (in PDF format) via email to Abby (agraese@nd.edu). Prof. Scheirer will grade these and provide guidance on the current direction of the project. Feedback will be returned to you within a week of the submission deadline.

If you have specific questions about this report before it is due, please reach out to Prof. Scheirer or Abby during office hours, or via slack. This report is worth 100 points.