A major component of this class is the group project you will be working on from now until the end of the semester. Not only is this project a large fraction of your final grade, it also represents an opportunity to explore a topic from class in a more in-depth manner or to try something new and exciting in the realm of AI. The class project will consist of several milestones, including a project proposal (due on 10/12), interim project update (due on 11/12 at 11:59PM), a live demo (to be presented in class the week of 11/26), and a final deliverable including a full report and complete code and data (due 12/12).

For this assignment, your group should prepare a ten minute presentation that introduces your project to the class, and provides a software demo.

Presentation Schedule

Presentation Guidelines

Your group will have ten minutes to describe your project. Presentations should include an overview of the problem, a description of the tools used to address it, and a discussion of results achieved so far. Each presentation must include a software demo. It is OK if your group has not completed all of the work that you proposed at the time of the demo. However, you should be at a point where you can show off at least some of the software components that you have developed. If your project is data-driven with quantifiable benchmarks, share those results as well.

Your group will have access to the A/V resources in the room, so feel free to prepare any slides, multimedia, etc. as you see fit. It is up to you to figure out how to divide the presentation duties among your group. Use this as an opportunity to put your best foot forward and highlight some cool technology for us!

Procedure and Grading

Prof. Scheirer will be traveling during presentation week, which means Abby will be in charge. We will be recording all of the presentations, so Prof. Scheirer can grade them when he returns. Feedback will be returned to you before the final projects are due.

If you have specific questions about any of this before your assigned presentation date, please reach out to Prof. Scheirer or Abby during office hours, or via slack. This presentation is worth 250 points.