A major component of this class is the group project you will be working on from now until the end of the semester. Not only is this project a large fraction of your final grade, it also represents an opportunity to explore a topic from class in a more in-depth manner or to try something new and exciting in the realm of AI. The class project will consist of several milestones, including a project proposal (due on 10/12), interim project update (due on 11/12), a live demo (to be presented in class the week of 11/26), and a final deliverable including a full report and complete code and data (due 12/12 at 11:59PM).

For this assignment, your group should finalize and submit all materials related to your project.

Code and Data Submission

Prepare one GitLab repository to hold your team's code. It should include all of the source code that was developed during the course of the project, as well as a README.md that contains complete installation instructions, including a list of dependencies.

If you have data associated with your project, upload it to its own directory in Google Drive (you should have sufficient space to store all of your data through your Notre Dame Google account).

If you have new capabilities in your software beyond what was shown in your class presentation, create a YouTube video of them.

Report Guidelines

Write a six page report that contains the following sections:

  1. Title and Group Listing: at the top of your final report, list the individual members of your group (names and email addresses). Also, your report must contain the title you used for the proposal and interim report, which reflects the chosen topic.
  2. Introduction: motivate your project topic and discuss what you accomplished in high-level terms.
  3. Related work: did your project build off of existing projects, software repositories, research ideas, etc.? If so, describe those in this section.
  4. Methods: list your final set of research tasks and discuss the elements of each. Make sure to mention the team member(s) that worked on each task.
  5. Evaluation: how did you evaluate your completed project? If you conducted experiments, discuss the results here. If you conducted a usability study, say a few words about that.
  6. Conclusion: What did and did not work as your project came together? If you had more time, what other aspects related to your project would you pursue? Answer these questions in this section.
  7. References: if you have sources to cite, add a bibliography to the report.
Make sure to add screenshots, plots and other visuals where appropriate. A good visual can really enhance the quality of a report.

Team Member Contributions

Each member of your team should submit a copy of the Team Member Evaluation Form. Download the form in Excel format, and complete it locally by listing all of your teammates and assigning a percentage of effort for each person (including yourself). Send a copy of this form in PDF format via email to Abby (agraese@nd.edu). The data in these forms will factor into the final grading to ensure an additional measure of fairness.

Procedure and Grading

When submitting the assignment, send an email to Abby (agraese@nd.edu) with:

Note: do not submit the team member contribution forms in this email. Use the procedure described above for those.

Feedback will be returned to you before around the time final grades are due.

If you have specific questions about any of this before your assigned presentation date, please reach out to Prof. Scheirer or Abby during office hours, or via slack. The final deliverable is worth 300 points.