Walter Scheirer
Office: 321C Stinson-Remick
Office Hours: 2:00-4:00, Mon, Weds
Sreya Banerjee
Office: 212 Cushing
Office Hours: 3:00-5:00, Fri
Lecture Time and Place:
12:50-1:40, Mon, Weds, Fri,
DeBartolo Hall 116

From border crossings to social media, the ability of machines to determine human identity from images has matured to the point where end-users are now interacting with biometric algorithms on a daily basis. However, large-scale deployments in real-world settings bring with them new challenges to a system’s accuracy, security and privacy - thus biometrics remains a lively area of research. This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of biometric system development and evaluation, with an emphasis on the three primary visual modalities: face, fingerprint, and iris. Building from the seminal recognition algorithms, the course will cover the specialized feature descriptors and classification methods most commonly found in biometric application development, as well as the state-of-the-art deep learning architectures that are changing the way we think about visual recognition. Critical for social acceptance, the protection of biometric data is a growing concern. The final part of this course will describe the unique blend of cryptography and pattern recognition that is being developed to revoke and reissue protected biometric data like passwords or PINs.

Reminder: The final exam will be held on Thurs. Dec. 17th at 8am, in DeBartolo Hall 116
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