Assignments will be posted here during the course of the semester as they are made available to the class.

Homework #1: Face Detection

Homework #2: Face Recognition

Homework #3: Iris Recognition

Homework #4: Spoof Detection

Instructions for submitting assignments.

You will submit all of your assignments using Bitbucket, a web-based collaborative revision control site. If you don’t already have an account, create one now. You will also need to install git on your development machine. Email your username to Sreya ( so we have a record of your account.

For each assignment:

1. Create a new git repository using the following naming scheme: biometrics-fall-2015-homework-X, where X is the number of the assignment. Instructions on how to prepare your local repository can be found here. Make sure that each repository you create is marked 'private'.

2. Structure each homework repository in the following way:

  • The directory src/ should contain your source code.
  • The directory data/ should contain any data you've collected or generated, as per each assignments instructions.
  • The file homework_X.pdf should contain your report in PDF format.

3. Before the assignment is due, push your final changes to Bitbucket, and share your repository with the GTA (username: sbanerj2) and Instructor (username: wscheire) (use the "Invite users to this repo" tool on the main page of your repository to give them "read" access).

New to git? Take a look at these tutorials.