Links to miscellaneous resources that will be helpful will appear here during the course of the semester. Books and papers from the Springer Link, Elsevier Science Direct, and IEEE Xplore libraries are accessible through the Notre Dame campus network.

Biometrics Texts:
Jain, A.K., Flynn, P. and Ross, A. Handbook of Biometrics. 2008.
Li, S.Z. and Jain, A.K. Handbook of Face Recognition . Second Edition 2011.
Maltoni, D., Maio, D., Jain, A.K. and Prabhakar, S. Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition. Second Edition 2009.
Burge, M.J. and Bowyer, K. Handbook of Iris Recognition. 2013.
Marcel, S., Nixon, M.S. and Li, S.Z. Handbook of Biometric Anti-Spoofing. 2014.
Ross, A., Nandakumar, K. and Jain, A.K. Handbook of Multibiometrics. 2006.
Li, S.Z. and Jain, A.K. Encyclopedia of Biometrics. First Edition 2009.

Computer Vision Texts:
Szeliski, R. Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications. 2010.
Prince, S.J.D. Computer Vision: Models, Learning, and Inference. 2012.
Nixon, M. and Aguado, A.S. Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision. Third Edition 2013.

General Machine Learning References:
Hastie, T., Tibshirani, R. and Friedman, J. The Elements of Statistical Learning. Second Edition 2009.
Abu-Mostafa, Y. Learning from Data Course at Caltech, 2012.

Deep Learning Texts:
Bengio, Y., Goodfellow, I. and Courville, A. Deep Learning. Draft of book in preparation 2015.
Bengio, Y. Deep Learning Architectures for AI. 2009.

OpenCV: The open source computer vision library.
VLFeat: Open source collection of vision algorithms with a special focus on visual features.
OpenBR: Open source biometric face recognition.
LIBSVM: A library for Support Vector Machines.
scikit-learn: Machine learning in python.
Libor Masek's open source iris recognition software.

Video Magnification: recent work by Fredo Durand and Bill Freeman.